Top 30 Future of Technologies for 2030

Change making constant progress in the industrial revolution. Adoption of new technology is helping transformation in any business become inevitable for their growth. The journey of Industry 4.0 digs much deeper in new innovations that demand smart technologies unlike before and now progressing the emergence of industry 5.0. Over the last 5years, 85% of the companies playbooks have an important road map on digital transformation activities. The technology evolved tremendously which has been impacting the entire business value chain and this will continue to emerge without roadblockers. The future of technology is going to be anywhere in everything. There are many great use cases that started happening already across industry segments. New technologies penetrated to every heart of business or society, be it AI robot Sophia, smart fabrics, brain simulation, deep genomics, 3d printed bones, energy storing bricks, and wow it will be endless to finish this line.
So, what all behind the make the new revolutionary digital era?. Based on our understanding and with little research, here are the top 25 future technologies we foresee the most talking about in the next many years from now. It may be revolutionized much beyond, but these are the core which drives the next phase of digital transformation we believe.

Top 30 Future of Technologies

  1. Metaverse
  2. Datafication
  3. Smarter Devices
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Extended Reality
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Edge Computing
  9. Quantum Computing
  10. Digital Twins
  11. 3D & 4D Printing
  12. Genomics
  13. Green Energy Solutions
  14. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  15. Blockchain
  16. Internet of Things (IoT)
  17. 5G / 6G
  18. Cyber Physical
  19. Drones
  20. Autonomous Vehicles
  21. Exoskeleton
  22. Web3.0
  23. Brain Implant Technology
  24. Open Sources
  25. Mass Personalization
  26. Nanotechnology
  27. Hyperloop
  28. Smart Grid
  29. Computing Power
  30. Charging Solutions
Global market seeing the growth trajectory in above all future technologies which is inevitable because of the pace of technological change that happenings around us. We will start sharing the series of future technology content addressing each of the above topics with interesting use cases.. Stay tuned !!

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